Driven: Rolls Royce Dawn

Earlier this month I finally had the chance to fly to the Bavarian Alps and indulge myself in the obscene luxury that is the Rolls Royce Dawn.

You don’t need to know a lot about cars to see that the double R is an automobile for those who live life comfortably. The stylish interior, with it’s royal colors, is certainly fit for a king.

And the brand does attract its share of kings, albeit in their own domains. When you realize that the Rolls Royce’s craftsmanship is being appreciated by the likes of Money Mayweather and Shaquille O’Neill it becomes apparent that driving the Dawn isn’t just special; it’s a statement.

We made a statement too, by driving topless in -6  centigrade. Unsurprisingly, given the brand’s reputation for quality, the ride wasn’t just pleasant, it was magical.

As you can expect from a car of this grandeur, the heated seats kept us comfortably warm and the lambswool foot mats certainly did their part too. But when you’re in a vehicle like this, the specs really don’t matter. All you need to know is that there’s plenty of everything.

Oh, and there’s night vision. Naturally.

You don’t need to visit the Alps in a Rolls Royce Dawn to appreciate its beauty, and that goes for both the car and the scenery. Put them together however, and the picture becomes breathtaking.

Just take a look at how the consort red and magnolia interior contrasted beautifully with the, literally, snow white surroundings. At the same time, the rugged mountains formed a perfect balance with the massive, yet smooth and shiny coachwork.

The snow-covered Bavarian Alps might not be its home, but this car is unsurprisingly spectacular no matter where it goes. And that, perhaps, is the best thing about the Rolls Royce Dawn; It really does go everywhere, and it does so effortlessly and elegantly.

As I took a break from shooting and looked up to take it all in, I realized that the Spirit of Ecstasy didn’t just stand proudly on the bonnet, it had slowly surrounded us. And that moment, and that feeling right there, that is why I love this job.